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Steel plate groove machine classification

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According to the classification of power supply:

Steel plate groove machine by using different sources of power can be divided into: electric steel plate groove machine, pneumatic plate groove machine (explosion-proof plate groove machine, hydraulic pressure plate groove machine and electric groove machine CNC steel plate groove machine several derivative classification.

According to processing methods of classification:

Steel plate groove machine according to the different methods of processing can be divided into: stationary plate groove machine, hand push type (portable) steel groove machine and mobile trolley type steel plate groove machine, which again can be divided into: plate for automatic groove machine, semi-automatic groove machine and manual type steel plate groove machine 3 kinds.

According to the working principle of the different classification:

Steel plate groove machine because of the cutting tool is not the same as at the beginning of processing can be roughly divided into: rolling shear type steel plate and steel plate groove milling city of beveling machine machine two kinds.