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Steel plate groove machine testing standards

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The standard definition:

The so-called standard is between industry in the production of similar products factory follow the rules of each other, such as: bolt, nut, axis pin, bearing the everyone follow a standard in size. But in some special industry countries there is no specific standard to measure, everyone will make some in the industry association industry standards, but these industry standard as the adaptation scope narrow sex, regionality, special factors and is difficult to promote and popularize.

Steel plate groove machine testing standard:

Steel plate groove machine according to the principle of the processing of different testing standard of the machine are inconsistent, the user selects the plate groove machine starting point should be to the slope surface width of the groove machine, groove, groove surface normal quarter presence of decarburization phenomenon, etc. In addition, electric groove machine must be tested before delivery the leakage, this is an important monitoring of production safety, an omission.

Steel plate groove machine standard summary:

Steel plate groove machine test standard is a groove machine factory standards, only have the testing standard of groove machine can use leaving the factory, so customers in the choice of beveling machine needs to see is the testing standard.