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How to choose the number plate groove type?

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Groove machine compared with flame cutting machine, simple operation, high efficiency and processed without a deburring, etc, in contrast, flame cutting machine operation is more difficult, large energy consumption, easy processing steel plate surface oxidation, such as bending deformation defects. So the groove machine in gradually occupy the market. According to different materials, the groove machine can be divided into pipe groove machine and steel plate groove machine, mainly explain here, how to choose the model is suitable for the plate groove plate number?

1. First of all, to clear your plate material, thickness.

GBM series tablet can groove groove machine low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, aluminum alloy, copper, stainless steel and other materials, if there is a special material, can be tailor-made knives. Processing of different material steel, you just need to replace the tool. Our company can process the thickness of steel plate 45 mm, 4 mm - in the interval of the steel plate, we all have a suitable tablet to play groove groove machine.

2. Second, to determine the need to groove width and Angle.

GBM - 6 - c type automatic rolling plate welding machine can be a single groove surface Angle of 6 mm 35 °, 25 °, 30 °, 40 °, 45 °, there are five Angle can be anything, bevel edge width of 8 mm; GBM - 12 - c type welding machine can be a single groove flat surface 12 mm, the welding surface slopes mouth to 18 mm, among 25 ° to 45 ° Angle adjusted; GBM - 16 - c type plate groove can be single groove welding plane 16 mm, most slopes welding surface for 28 mm, among 25 ° to 45 ° Angle adjusted.

3. At last, according to the plank is single-sided groove or double groove to determine the model.

If you type "X", "Y", "V" shaped groove, the plate is not easy to turn over, the machine can roll over, can choose the GBM - 12 - c - R type and GBM - 16 - c - R type groove machine.

We will be in product research and development direction in the future, more relevant customer demand, along the high quality, high efficiency, continuous efforts.