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Automatic plate groove machining principle

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As the need to more and more steel plate welding groove, the implementation of the laborer fatigue of steel plate groove has increased dramatically, to reduce labor cost and the fatigue strength, a steel plate groove machine can automatically walk (tablet) of beveling machine was born.

Automatic plate (plate groove machine) of beveling machine groove, some factories on track and automatic propulsion system to achieve automatic groove of steel plate, have a plenty of torque that rely on the blade leading walking machine. The first customer is easy to understand, so the next main about the working principle of the second product.

This automatic steel plate groove machine (flat) of beveling machine generally adopts the roll cutting machining principle, through the high speed spindle motor output through transmission is passed to the cutting tool, cutting tool can be in accordance with the low speed high torque of rolling shear processing steel plate, the machine used on contact with the steel plate side guard, enables automatic groove machine can walk out in a straight line, thus the welding groove.