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GMMA-80A Milling Machine is applied in petrochemical industry

2015/8/12 14:37:19


Detailed Introduction

Jiangsu Xintai company whose mainly products are petrochemical equipment, corrugated pipe series products, pressure piping, mechanical equipment and leather machines mainly process ordinary carbon steel plate whose thickness is 8mm-60mm. According to customer’s requirement, our GMMA-80A milling machine process their commonly Q235 steel plate whose thickness is 40mm, the processing angle is 45, speed is 0.8m/min. The plate is placed on the platform, and the self-propelled milling machine automatically processed.

After first processing, slope width is 18mm, finish,degree and stability both can meet customer requirement, plate forming is in below:

In order to allow customers better to understand the machine performance and principle of molding of panel processing, our engineers specially made the following effects when  training.

After finishing testing of large plate, we process the small plate whose size is 250 * 700 * 20mm under 45-degree angle without the blunt edge. Machine is fixed, plate is placed in machine and automatically process, secondary molding, the effect is as follows.

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