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ST-30 Automatic tungsten electrode grinder grinding machine

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Product Introduction

ST-30 Automatic tungsten electrode grinder grinding machine

Product Name:

 tungsten milling machine, also known as: Tungsten grinding machine, tungsten milling machine, tungsten sharpening machine, polishing tungsten machine, Portable Tungsten grinding machine.


Model No. ST-30 Tungsten Electrode Grinder
Voltage 220 V 1PH
working Speed 5000 RPM
Grinding Angel range 10-70 Degree
Applicated Tungsten Electrode diameter 1.0-6.0mm
Packing Size 385*200*165mm
Packing Weight 1.4kg
Packing List

Product specification   1 pcs   Grinding plate 2 pcs

Tungsten needle holder   1 set   Red adjusting head 1 pcs

Special wrench 2pcs        Wrench 2pcs

Internal hexagonal wrench 2 pcs

In TIG and plasma welding process, the forming of the ends of the tungsten which used as the electrode has a direct significant impact on the      quality of welding.

      Good ends forming can guarantee the stability of the arc.Welding quality is good and efficiency is high without replacing or grinding the tungsten needle frequently. Otherwise,it will cause the instability of the arc and welding defects, at the same time, 

It use more tungsten needles and need to replace them frequently and the efficiency is low.

Normally, welder grind the tungsten needle in the grinding wheel, but grinding wheel particles are big and coarse. if use manual operation, it is difficult to ensure the forming of the tungsten ends, and tungsten are heavy metals, if human inhaled, it can cause personal injury.

The new ST-30 environmental portable tungsten grinding machine is the professional tool for automatically grinding, flattening and cutting tungsten. All the operation dust will be sealed in the cavity, and it will not be inhaled by human. And it is  easy to carry and operate, it is an indispensable tool for welders.


High accurate of tungsten surface: Diamond grinding plate can extend tungsten life, improve the arc quality and achieve the stable arc.

Multi-function of the Grinding head: Its flat head and function of cutting tungsten

grinding holes of the Tungsten grinding machine has a wide range of applications: Design of two grinding head offers eight different electrode diameter precision grinding.

Environmental Design of the tungsten grinding machine : electrode clamp can make the precise taper grinding and angle longitudina grinding.

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