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GMMA-60L multi-angle composite plate milling machine

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Product Introduction

GMMA-60L multi-angle composite plate milling machine

Product parameters for GMMA-60L Multi-angle clad plate milling machine / transitional bevel milling machine :

Power SupplyAC 380V 50HZ

Total Power3400W

Bevel Angle0° to 90°

bevel width0-56mm

Processing Plate Thickness8-60mmallow to process 6mm plate

Processing plate length300mm

Processing Plate width150mm

Bevel Speed0-1500mm/minLimitless speed        regulation

Master elementSchneider

speed of main shaft1050r/minLimitless speed regulation

executive standardCEISO9001:2008surface finish degreeRa3.2-6.3


Introduction of GMMA-60L multi-angle plate milling machine / composite plate milling machine / composite plate beveling machine

     GMMA-60L automatic plate milling machine is a multi-angle milling machine, which can process any angle groove within 0-90 degree,cut burrs in the vertical face of the steel plate, remove the defects of cutting,obtain a better vertical neat can also cut the groove from the horizontal plane.and to complete horizontal cutting of the composite board.

    This model of milling machine is a full-angle milling machine produced by TAOLE. It is suitable for cutting 1:10 gradient bevel, 1: 8 gradient bevel 1-6 inclination groove milling operations for shipyards, pressure vessels, aerospace.

   The model's economic milling machine is also known as: composite plate milling machines, the transitional groove milling machine, self-propelled plate milling machine, automatic plate milling machine , vertical face milling machine, 1:10 slope beveling machine, 1:8 slope beveling machine.

Features of GMMA-60L Multi-angle milling machine / composite plate milling machine / transitional beveling machine / transitional slope Milling Machine :

1. The adjustment range of the bevel angle is large, it can arbitrarily regulate within.

2.It can process the slope groove of 1:10 (1 in 10 slope bevel), 1: 9 slope bevel: 1: 8 slope bevel (1 in 8 slope bevel) and slope transitional groove.

It can easy to realize the upper slope groove (transition groove) using this machine, and we offered the mature solution for customers who need the slope groove.

3.The thickness of the holding plate is 8-60mm which can realize any angle of the groove, and it’s an economic and durable milling machine

4. It is more secure and convenient to process the narrow plate when the reducer is located in rear.

5. The unique separate design of the control box and electrical box makes the operation more secure;

6.Using fine-toothed milling cutter cuts groove, single-blade cuts more quick;

7. The surface finish degree of the processing groove is up to Ra3.2-6.3 which can fully meet the welding requirements of the pressure vessel;

8. It is a portable self-propelled machine which has small size and light weight, and it is also a portable beveling machine;

9. Cold cutting for the groove and there is no oxide layer in surface ;

9. The owned technology makes the quality of the machine continuously updated.

The processing groove pattern of GMMA-60L Multi-angle milling machine / plate milling machine(Don’t steal the original photos of TAOLE milling machine original image , rights reserved)

Processing examples of GMMA-60L Multi-angle milling machine / U-groove beveling machine / automatic plate milling machine / automatic stainless steel milling machine :

Processing pictures of GMMAL60L multi-angle milling machine / automated plate milling machine

machine / U-groove beveling machine / automatic plate milling machine / automatic stainless steel milling machine :

customers make the site photo for GMMA-80A automatic plate milling machine / plate milling machine. 

Packing List of GMMA-80A automatic steel milling machine / automatic plate milling machine :

a cutter for the automatic milling machine 


two sets of blades for milling machine

two sets of the anchor screws for milling machine cutter

One screw driver for disassembling the blade of the milling machine

Exclusive usage for GMM series milling machine

One set of hexagon spanner is equipped with the GMM series plate milling machine

One tool kit for the milling machine.

Operating manual and Product Selection Guide for the milling machines and beveling machines

Service commitment for the after-sales:

1, One year warranty, lifetime maintenance;

2, Free installation, debugging operation,maintenance and training for the operation and maintenance personnel;

3, Providing free upgraded software ;

Way of Acceptance

1, On-site acceptance for the device when they are used ;

2, Completeness (data, spare parts)and appearance acceptance;

3, Equipment installation, debugging by the supplier ;

4, Each Feature presentation of the device ;

5, continuous 10 hours working;

6, Supplier mark the work pieces selected by the buyer, and test whether the marking meets the requirements of buyer. 

7, Testing related technical specifications;

8, The supplier send trainer to make one day technical training for maintenance and operation personnel of the buyer.  

9, when test is OK , both parties will sign the acceptance report.


1, The supplier send technical personnel to make the on-site training for the buyer.(after finishing the equipment installation and debugging);

2, The training staff: operators, electrical, mechanical maintenance personnel, the number of trainees is decided by the demand side;

3. Training content: installation and debugging of the equipment,principle and constitute of the marking machine, the common knowledge of the computer. computer programming, electrical control theory and routine maintenance for the equipment, etc. Making the actual operation. Training for common troubleshooting, further familiar with the equipment, answering questions, and finally making the training assessment .

[Quality assurance services]

1, The supplier offer the following technical support and guidance to buyer to use and Maritain machines safely..

(1) Operation manual of the equipment, application software backup ;

(2) product qualification certification.

2, The warranty period is 12 months from the signed date of acceptance. Free maintenance within the warranty, and maintenance costs charged appropriately out of warranty. If the machine malfunction, we will take measures within 4 hours,  ifNecessary to go to the scene, supplier technical personnel will arrive at the scene within 24 hours.

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