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Taole 220 Pulse MIG/MAG welding machine

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Product Introduction

Taole 220 Pulse MIG/MAG welding machine        

special tools on Advertising, traffic signs welding

Application materials:aluminum alloy, stainless steel, carbon steel, and coating sheets, etc.

Application industries: traffic identifications and signs, advertising, integrated ceiling, air inlet, sheet metal,, auto parts , etc

Technical characteristics


In recent years with the increasing of national road infrastructure, thus boosting the rapid development of the traffic sign industry.However,many companies are faced with many issues during the project such as short duration,heavy task and so on.Therefore, companies must find a high efficiency, high reliability point solid technology. Many companies are using rivets riveting, this process operation has many procedures and inefficient. In order to improve many customers production efficiency, our company developed the highly efficient spot welding technology, thereby replacing riveting and resistance spot welding, and becoming the industry-leading connect securely technology.

Ⅱ.Process overview

Taole220 pulsed arc welding machine uses conventional aluminum welding wire, automatic wire feeding and argon protection. And it uses arc to melt the wire to form a certain penetration of the melt column which connects the aluminum and aluminum profile.From the appearance, the welding spots are smooth and beautiful. This process is easy to operate, 0.8-2 seconds a welding spot, efficient and convenient, welding spots are rounded and smooth, durable and so on. Welding efficiency is at least three times more than riveting, welding core power using welding expert unified operating system, a knob for easy control, and welder can be dragged conveniently for the remote welding jobs.

Ⅲ.Products features:

1.DSP digital control;

2. All-digital unique pulse penetration control technology, excellent light gauge welding effect;

3. Minimum volume and maximum power among the same kind welders;

4. Welding expert system built-in variety of typically material;

5. They can realize the unified operation;

6. They can weld a variety of different metal materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, steel and so on;

7. They can achieve a variety of different welding methods: manual, gas-pulsed,gas-pulsed MIG, double-pulsed MIG;

8. High-frequency arc DC TIG function (optional);

9. Taole220 internally installed 200mm wire disk;

10.  User-friendly design, a variety of panels are available

Ⅳ.Main technical parameters:

Power Specifications: taole220

Input power: 1-220 / 110v

Current range:25-200

Duty cycle: 35%

No-load voltage: 60v

Applicable wire diameter: Φ0.6-1.2

Applicable base material thickness (aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel): 1-4mm

SMAW features:

DC pulse argon ac welding function:

Gas shielding welding function:

GMAW features:

Double pulse MIG function:

Cooling: air-cooled

Insulation class:F

Protection class: IP21S

Dimensions (mm): 600 * 250 * 424

NW (KG): 25

Typical application materials

Carbon steel (ER50-6) thickness: 3mm

Current: 110A voltage: 20v

Wire diameter: Φ1.2  welding speed: 500mm / min

Gas:Ar + CO2 (80 + 20%)

Aluminum (ER5356) thickness: 1mm

Current: 25A Voltage: 13.5v

Wire diameter: Φ1.2 

welding speed: 400mm / min

Gas:Ar 100%

Stainless steel (ER308) thickness:5mm

Current: 115A Voltage:20.5v

Wire diameter:Φ1.2 welding speed:550mm / min

Gas: Ar + CO2 (98 + 2%)

Integrated all-digital versatile MIG / MAG welding-----Taole220

Taole220 welder is the Digital Inverter pulse MIG / MAG welding machine which contains a set of welding power source and wire feeding.It has small size, high power, high performance, easy to use features.

Taole220 welders use the unique all-digital pulse penetration control technology. When making a small current welding, they can ensure a stable transition melting drops. While stable welding, heat input to the base material is greatly reduced, improving the reliability and stability of light gauge welding. MIG / MAG welding can be stable welding at 25A, DC TIG welding can be stabilized at 5A.

Taole220 welder is intelligent welding machine, following the instructions to choose a good welding material and other parameters, welders’ welding expert system will automatically output optimized welding specifications, they can be used to weld aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, etc. various metals.

Integrated ceiling,air conditioning outlet,traffic signs

Effect of welding                         

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